Who is an Enchantress?

face in pink

You are!

So… Hello Enchantress! I welcome you for the highest and most magical good! You have found yourself here because you are magical and the world wants more of the real you!

Enchanted, according to Dictionary.com,
1. to delight to a high degree: Her gaiety and wit have enchanted us all.
2.to impart a magic quality or effect to.

You are a woman who has visions of how you want to feel, how you want show up in your life. You desire more pleasure, more freedom, more time and space for creativity and receiving!

You are stuck, and see other women getting their magical lives on, and you want more magic, more self-expression, more freedom, more love, more money, more confidence, more dancing, more or better sex, more of everything! It is hard, you are repeating patterns, the same sh*t is happening, you take one step forward and two back. You are bummed, and have a lot of answers for others, but feel like a bulls*t artist, because you can’t seem to get a handle on your own life.

What do you have now? Anxiety. Self doubt. Resistance to change. Worry. You take yourself down if things aren’t perfect. You are hard on yourself. You get upset with other people and have no patience for BS, you are angry inside, fearful and feel selfish and guilty when you say no, so you over give, you are a great friend, but it gets in the way of you taking care of you.

Perhaps you work for a boss that asks for too much, and really and truly you want to own your own business or you want to work for a company that brings something great into this world.

You want to be aligned with the goodies the Universe has to offer!

Welcome Enchantresses, Witches, Goddesses, Light workers, Femmes and those that want to be, or have no idea and know whatever you got going on right now, just ain’t working. SO!  You are in the right place, and I am here to help you grow into the Enchantress that you are. Your authentic, powerful, playful, freedom filled self, that is screaming to come out and enjoy this lifetime!

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