About Enchantress Shane

Beautiful women. I am here. I know you and I see you.

I am first generation born in America. I come from a long line of worry and scarcity, my family focuses on the negative a lot. Growing up there was NO ROOM for feelings, you made sure everything looked snazzy and “fine” and that was it. My maternal Grandmother was a seamstress, she made fancy beaded gowns with feathers, sequence and lace. My maternal Grandfather made Coach leather bags! Both my parents are entrepreneurs. POOF! I am a creative entrepreneur!

I FULLY know that my family did the absolute best they could with their situation of massive struggling. My parents were born right after WWII in Germany. I am a third generation holocaust survivor. Struggle, suffering, and worry is in my DNA and showed up everywhere.

I am here in this time and place to say NO! No to struggle, no to suffering and no to not having enough!!! I am here to BE JOYFUL AND FREE!! This is my passion, and some of my superpowers!

I fully believe as a fact, every woman has access to MORE FREEDOM, MORE JOY, and being more RECEPTIVE. Once a woman connects to her powerful femininity, she can have anything she wants.

I have everything I want, AND I WANT MORE!! Do you?

My work life story… I have been, and am; a teacher, a waitress, a hostess, a stripper, a promotions model, actor, a babysitter, a stand up comedienne, an MC, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a parent coach, a spiritual guide, a yoga teacher, a special education teacher and advocate, an author, a radio show host, a seller of cigars and a loan officer.

I’ve played many fabulous roles, had many jobs. I learned from all of them, and I say YES a lot. I’ve learned lessons on how to say NO.

I was a stripper and a pre-school teacher at the same time for eleven years! Yes, and what I saw was that men and children PLAY A LOT! They give themselves permission to have joy and to follow their impulses. I’ve learned how important boundaries are. I also see how women hold back from play, joy and curiosity, how we people please, how we hold back from shining, and how we put ourselves second, third and fourth, and fifth etc.

WTF WTF!?!?!? Why did we learn to over care give for everyone else? Why did we learn it’s ok to take total responsibility for the problem? When did we become co-dependent and wait to be rescued from a Prince?!? WTF? Even powerful and conscious women are giving their power away, are putting themselves down for not being thin enough, are staying in relationships where they are not treated as a Goddess! WTF?! I see women taking low salaries and even afraid to ask for money at all. Mothers who are parenting from burn out and who talk sh*t about themselves in front of their kids, while acting as the family servant. It’s sad and frustrating, and I am here to affirm, women are powerful and living from a place of play, joy, curiosity leads to FREEDOM! Freedom of the mind, freedom of the soul freedom of living a life of magic.

But what about getting tasks done? Who will make dinner? Who can lead a life of play and pleasure? What about responsibilities and work?

Integration. That is where the magic lies, harmony (not balance.) I promise you more “gets done” when a woman is leading from her femininity. I’ve studied masculine and feminine energy and I see how living from a place of hyper masculine (production mode) and how living from a place of hyper feminine (chaotic and emotional), both don’t work.

I stand for having both. Masculine and feminine energy. Getting the sh*t done, and enjoying a playful life. You want in?!?! Good. let’s go!


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