Improvising Life

To explain my improv acting experience, is like answering “what is the meaning of life.” It doesn’t feel simple, and yet it feels as simple as breathing.

Before going to The Open Door Acting company. I was a pretty bitter, cynical, hard to please, negative thinker, judgemental woman. I hid all this VERY well, and went from self loathing as a teenager and young adult, into a grown woman who had found sources to believe there wee other ways of being, through reading, metaphysical classes at the open center. So I had lots of information, but I was still playing out my role, as a woman on a hunt for a husband and the conforming American dream, which I had never questioned, I didn’t’ know there was any alternatives…

Also at the time, I was a special education therapist, and was working full time one on one with children with autism. I was drained, and going to bars after work because that’s the only way I knew how to have fun. One of my autism therapy colleagues invited me to this class, I was annoyed it was all the way on the Upper West Side, and as I drove there, I was falling asleep, it was another low energy, dare I say boring day.

I left class feeling energized, awake, hopeful and wildly creative. I thought it was a fluke. I went back the following week, and again I arrived feeling irritated, tired, cranky and hungry. AGAIN, I left physically and mentally feeling wildly alive. This was something to pay attention to.

For the next two years, I ONLY went to improv acting class, I dropped a huge social scene, I dropped any friends that wouldn’t attend class with me. I was hooked, and why? Because I felt better, amazingly better. I felt better about money, my relationships with family, how I approached my therapy work, and how I saw myself. It wasn’t all overnight, but my body and soul knew where I should be hanging out for the greatest good. And it was this improv class, and naturally I loved it so much, I began training to teach the work. I used it with children with autism, I used it with parents, educators, young adults in prison, aging adults, teenagers in public schools, and it always resonated. It always proved to make a person shine.

The style of improv that I love and teach is based on saying, “no.”  It’s a way to  create connection, truth, share self expression and get personally liberated from any thoughts and experiences that keep a person prisoner to their limitations.

On a metaphysical level, once certain expressions are expressed, the body doesn’t know if it’s “real” or not, hence the stage. The way my teachers say it, “it’s being real in an imaginary set of circumstances.”

I grew up not feeling my feelings, it wasn’t cool to be sad, or joyful, and although I saw and experienced a lot of anger growing up (in Canarsie Brooklyn.) It was never a safe healthy anger, it was out of control, messy and scary. So my coping mechanisms were to stay numb, and blame everyone else for their stupidity.

I learned new concepts and a whole new language at The Open Door Acting Company;

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Listening
  • Compromise
  • Equanimity
  • Abundance
  • Truth
  • Heart based
  • Embodiment

And so much more, my mind and body got to work together, so strongly that my limited egoic thinking couldn’t work anymore. Fighting for my limitations had no fuel, and the community that was involved only knew me in this profound way, and so all the voices that were trying to keep me small and fearful, had to be quiet.

difficult convo

There is tremendous research in how the brain receives this information and energy, as a scene is going on. The tears, the yelling, the sorrow the raw emotion that emerges during a scene is in fact real, the storylines are not. And then, when the scene is over, the body experiences a relief, and gratitude to go back to the life it knows.

It’s therapeutic, but it’s not therapy, and this is the core reason it’s healing. Talking is limited, but talking, feeling and being is expansive and creative, so the right brain feels safe to see what’s there, and the left brain knows there is an ending, so the usual avoidance of fear of going down a rabbit hole, does not exist.

If there was one outcome that was most popular after every class it would be

  1.  Presence
  2. Relaxation

The tools used are so light and simple, they can be used anywhere in life. Love relationships, family, around money and business, and within ones self to feel grounded, authentic and 100% trusting.

This work is for everyone, life is a stage, every moment is actually improvised. Working with the unknown is this specific modality, is the most fun, efficient way of moving through difficult, challenging, stressful and of course awkward moments, that create the human experience.

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Author: Enchanted Embodiment

Fierce, loving, caring and loyal. I am the Queen of my castle, the Empress of my domain, Enchantress of this world and others... Guiding witches and magical women to their freedom of self-expression and leading a bigger & more bad-ass life! Head Enchantress of The Awkward Enchanted Coven My work life story; I have been, and am; a teacher, a waitress, a hostess, a stripper, a promotions model, actor, a babysitter, a stand up comedienne, an MC, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a parent coach, a spiritual guide, a yoga teacher, a special education teacher and advocate, an author, a radio show host, a seller of cigars and a loan officer.

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