Get Unstuck Goddess

Dear Enchantress,

I’ve been reading about my chakras, it’s overwhelming and I feel more stuck. And every time I read anything, I get overwhelmed that I’m so messed up and I’ll never be able to overcome all my stuck places. What do you think I should read or do? I feel like I’m blocked in all of them, and that’s why my whole life feels stuck. I’ve been living in my parent’s house in their downstairs apartment. It’s a good deal, except I still feel like a kid. I will eventually move out, but right now, I feel stuck. Where do I begin?


Dear Stuck,

I almost didn’t want to type the word “stuck” again. I hear you, and I know it can feel like you are stuck. I hear this from so many women. My first piece of advice is to stop using the word “stuck.” Our words are powerful, they are like spells and it keeps you in the same place all the time, by you affirming the words. Next, I know everywhere the chakras are mentioned, they say stuck and blocked, and those images feel like brick walls, so I want to introduce you to them as being hurdles.

This feels bold to share. I like to use language to help situations. When you have an obstacle or a HURDLE, you have more choices, you can go under it, around it, over it, or simply move it.

Most, or dare I say ALL people have root chakra issues. This is the primary chakra. All chakras are energy centers. When we have experiences that create fear, we can feel blocked. I won’t go into the explanation of all of them. If you want more info, I have videos on YouTube and Soundcloud to listen to.

To have a hurdle around your root chakra, you have worries and fears around survival, money, love, sustainability, basic needs like food, sleep, shelter, and being present, that right now you have everything you need. You might be in fight or flight most of the time, and have trouble sleeping and anxiety.

I would say start with the root chakra. The physical location is the root of the spine. The color is red. There are many meditations to listen to. Go to sleep to them, or take a five-minute break to sit and use them. Also affirmations, which you can say out loud, or have written on postcards will start with the words, “I am.” Like I am safe, I am loved. You will begin retraining your brain to get away from thought patterns. I hope this helps!

Love, The Enchantress

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Author: Enchanted Embodiment

Fierce, loving, caring and loyal. I am the Queen of my castle, the Empress of my domain, Enchantress of this world and others... Guiding witches and magical women to their freedom of self-expression and leading a bigger & more bad-ass life! Head Enchantress of The Awkward Enchanted Coven My work life story; I have been, and am; a teacher, a waitress, a hostess, a stripper, a promotions model, actor, a babysitter, a stand up comedienne, an MC, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a parent coach, a spiritual guide, a yoga teacher, a special education teacher and advocate, an author, a radio show host, a seller of cigars and a loan officer.

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