Where is the Masculine Energy?

In my research, from my workshops and watching time and time again, men and women connecting and processing, sharing and working with their subconscious and unconscious.

I see that the majority of men in these workshops are more in their feminine energy. Sharing and connecting is where they are mostly. While this is wonderful, it’s a pity.

warrior man.jpgOn the flipside I see the majority of women in their masculinity or their warrior.

There is a certain fear or avoidance for men when it comes to being their warrior.

This is a result of all the confusion of how men and women operate, so no one offends each other, and also to avoid confrontation.

It sucks, the avoidance of the warrior or the darker side of things from men, leaves women doing that role, holding the container, clarifying that they are powerful.

There is a sound and movement exsersise I lead and it’s a way to connect the mirror neurons in the brain. Done in eye contact one person leads with sound and movement and the other person follows. When each person is complete the person who was leading switches places.

I recently did this with a group of high level leaders in their own right. Almost every woman lead with a fierceness that was intense and loud and masculine warrior like. The men were gentle, and more playful, they got lots of giggles and laughter.

There was one man who stuck out to me, and he went for the intense warrior, his soul was recharged. I found out later, he was in “something” and had been triggered by a woman during the day, he shared more that he was feeling insecure and lonely.  His primal energy which had been challenged and made him feel small, was reclaimed when it was his turn to lead the person in front of him.

Men and women, and non-binary are all at a crossroads. There is confusion about how to give complaints, how to feel sexy, how to be with each other in the time of #metoo and Dr. Ford’s testimony is the reflection of what is below the surface.

I am dedicated to speaking to this, as it is the most important issue, if we are going to move forward in all our systems. The personal systems we live with, in terms of dating, marriage, partnership, friendships, communities and sex. If we can’t have conversations that include, objectification with consent and without. How we communicate in the workplace in our families, in our government, to include schools we will stay in fighting mode.

When there is fighting, there is always a winner and a loser, and that model, which is the patriarchy never works.

What is your knowledge of masculine and feminine energy? Please share in the comments below.


The Enchantress


Author: Enchanted Embodiment

Fierce, loving, caring and loyal. I am the Queen of my castle, the Empress of my domain, Enchantress of this world and others... Guiding witches and magical women to their freedom of self-expression and leading a bigger & more bad-ass life! Head Enchantress of The Awkward Enchanted Coven My work life story; I have been, and am; a teacher, a waitress, a hostess, a stripper, a promotions model, actor, a babysitter, a stand up comedienne, an MC, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a parent coach, a spiritual guide, a yoga teacher, a special education teacher and advocate, an author, a radio show host, a seller of cigars and a loan officer.

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