Of Women – Art show in Rockaway

So of 3000 entries. 79 women artists were chosen to display their art and have it hung at the Rockaway Artist Alliance. I was one of them. I walked in and didnt’ see my art. My first thought, they changed their minds. They made a mistake, my art isn’t good enough… Oh the insecurities at play. Then I found it, next to a Vulva made of amethyst crystals and a nude large photo of a pregnant woman.

My art was created when Hugh Heffner died. I just got home from bartending, and was feeling a creative grumpy and especially witchy. I was texting with an extremely handsome man who was also extremely insecure. That shit drives me nuts. Now don’t get me wrong, I have insecurities, but this mother fucker had some real issues and never worked on it. I love men, I love self development, I love when they go together in some way.

I felt lonely, I felt pissed, I felt sad, I felt angry, and I wanted attention, I wanted to be desired loud and clear. I wanted to be seen. So out of this came my artwork.

I had a perfect box for my Playboy collection, except about 10 magazines didn’t fit. A perfect time to make art. So I created my piece, I had so much fun choosing Pussy! Choosing breasts, and thinking of all the names I’ve called my breasts and others have called them. Tiddies, titties, boobs, knockers… etc.

I made this collage, I fit all the parts, I chose specific parts, I fit them together, I thought out, and visualized and out come “TOO MUCH.” The words “uncensored” and “love” and a photo of a candle. Everything else skin.

What was interesting was how people would stop or walk by fast.   This is a piece that a person wants to get close to, there are many details, but to see all the details you must get close. I captured some folks checking out my art. Others walked by fast, or got nervous. In the art world it’s not such a big deal, naked art.

This was a big deal in Rockaway, artists flew in from Cali for their work. So there were a mix of artsy people and regular folk, and I think it’s fabulous to have nude art. I was a bit scared to have it up, I feared judgement, and not being a “real” artist, and I envisioned people protesting my piece, or thinking I must have something wrong with me to think this is art.

I got so many interesting comments and questions! I left the day feeling inspired, in awe, and proud to be a part of this amazing show. It’s still going on and they have events every weekend in the month of March. Come check them out if you can… https://www.rockawayartistsalliance.org/current-exhibitions





Don’t Should on Me~ How to communicate like a Goddess

I grew up telling everyone what they “SHOULD” do. And now I know way better, when a person give unsolicited advice it’s not helpful and is full of judgement. Feeling your feelings, having compassion and empathy are excellent! The best thing to do!?!! LISTEN.

Got comments? Got a situation? Comment in the youtube comments!


Enchantress Shane

How’s Your Body Image

Taken from Rockaway TImes

Dear Enchantress,

I am writing you with body image issues. I dress my body, and wash it, and I think I’m pretty healthy. I don’t even look at my body. I’m in my early 30s and I don’t know if it’s body shame or what. No one ever taught me about a woman’s body, and I know this may sound stupid, but somewhere along my life, I learned to hide my body, I always wear big shirts and stretched out sweaters. I know I look like I don’t care what I look like, inside I know I dress like a dude. Even in the summer I wear an athletic two-piece suit, and I’m not an athlete. My mom never told me anything, and we’ve never been open in this way. I see all that you are doing with burlesque and I cannot get myself to show up. I feel stupid and like this will never be any different, and I’m also mad at myself for this, my boyfriend thinks the way I dress is “fine” and “fine” sucks. I can see what he looks at with the women on TV and they are not dressing in t-shirts and sweats. What can I do that’s easy and anything else you got to give me on this?

body image

Dear burlesque resistor,

I am so honored you are open and sharing what is happening for you. I think you speak for many, so way to go on being a leader in the sweatpants, t-shirt struggle. Oh dear Goddess, there are a couple of things you can do to begin your journey towards being connected to your body. I’ll give you a bunch and choose which you like or do all of them, mostly though make sure to be kind to yourself and have compassion, knowing that you are doing new things, means patience.

First, it might be interesting to take a bath, submerging your body in water and washing yourself slowly, giving your body tender nurturing. Imagine that your body and you have a relationship and she has been ignored for many years, so be nice to her.  Focusing on your relationship to your body is the most important, think of her as a sacred temple or church or home. Buy luxurious pajamas, they can be pants and a button-up top, BUT make sure they are made with a material that FEELS good, and let the pajamas look beautiful to you, not a t-shirt and shorts or random PJ pants.

After your bath or shower, give yourself a total coconut oil treatment. Rub coconut oil all over, so your skin starts to feel soft and cared for. A big step after doing those things for a while would be to turn the lights low, and look in a full body mirror, maybe starting from far away and slowly moving closer. Take a lipstick and write “I love you” on the mirror to remind yourself to be nice to yourself. Also, remember to take your time with yourself, taking small steps to start. And let this part of the body love journey be done with yourself, let your boyfriend love you as he is already. Lastly, you are welcome to class, I would be honored to be a part of you alchemizing your feelings towards your body.

Enchantress Shane coaches and guides women wanting more magic and confidence in their lives.  To ask Enchantress Shane a question, email her at Love@enchantedembodiment.com. Also you can attend Beginner Burlesque in Rockaway! 

Complaining Is Where the Treasures Are!


What do you complain about? And is it out loud? Or just in your head? Here are some famous complaint topics (we’ll call them topics.) Give yourself 5 points if you complain about any of them:

  1. Money
  2. Body image
  3. Age
  4. Cleaning
  5. Love and romance
  6. Family
  7. Work
  8. Food
  9. Exercise
  10.  Sleep

What did you score? Next question: Of the topics you chose, put them in order of what you complain about most.

What is your number 1?

That is where your jewels are!! YAY! It’s where you hold the most resistance, and where if you choose to use your WILL and curiosity to look into that topic, you will change your life.

From one to ten (ten being the worst) how much do you complain or think/overthink about this topic?  What would it be like if you didn’t have that topic to deal with any more? What if you were like the people you compare yourself to who have that topic under control. What would you do with all the brain space you could have back?

I would LOVE to know your number 1!

Comment below…

Enchantress Shane


belong .jpg

I was inspired by the word BELONG a while ago. Today I opened up this blank slate here and saw the blog titled LONGING by Witches of the Craft, LadyAbyss. Heads up this may be dense and heady…

So perhaps you know how to “be” as in you are not waiting for anything to happen, or rushing or on the way. It’s you being present to what is happening exactly in that moment. I find it curious that the word “long” could come after it. And form BELONG.

Longing, that is a feeling that can be mighty uncomfortable. Whether it’s a romantic longing or a longing for pizza, for me it has a charge of “not fair.” We live in a culture of immediate gratification, as well as busy distraction. I see when I long for someone or something, I turn to social media or food to escape this feeling.

Since I’m a certified Circling practitioner, and one of the principals is to stay with the level of sensation, I do integrate staying with the feeling of longing, and it ain’t easy. What does your longing feel like? What do you long for? What happens when you can’t get to it right away, or at all?

BELONG. What if I “be” in the longing? Can you see what happens to you physically and where your mind goes when you are in the place of longing. What if we were longing to just “be.”

Thank you for reading,


Enchantress Shane